Many Team Benny supporters have raised money ‘For Benny’. This page is dedicated to you.

Photo: Race for Life


Vicky Kate: Lisa’s best friend

Event: 5km family Thames walk on Sunday 27th September 2015 

Charity: £1,320 raised for Bloodwise (previously Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research) 


Vicky’s 5km Thames walk was an roaring success. Many families joined us from the south coast where Vicky lives, as well as locally. It was a gloriously warm and sunny autumn day and the Thames was at its sparkling best. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in, as well as those who supported us by making a donation. Vicky’s son and his friend (both aged 8) managed to collect £65 from generous passers-by on the route. Great effort boys. You helped to reach a whopping grand total of £1,165 (as of 3 Oct 2015). Without this amazing charity, kids like Benny would have less of a chance of survival.

Read more about it, check out the up-to-date total, or make a donation here


Lesley Walmsley: Lisa’s cousins wife

Event: 24 hour Relay for Life on Saturday 25th July 2015

Charity: £700 raised for Cancer Research UK

Lesley said:

“’Team Theatre’ consisted of 11 nurses and health care assistants, including our 2 amazing survivors. For the relay, one member of our team had their feet on the track at all times, either running, walking, skipping or whatever we liked. 

We were given paper lanterns to write on which were placed all around the track. I know I’m biased but my one with Benny’s and my son’s Godfather’s name on (who is also battling leukaemia) was the prettiest! As daylight faded the lanterns were lit and it was very emotional to read all the names as we went round. 

During the night we went out for an hour at a time whilst the others got some rest. For the final lap everyone took to the track and this was a very emotional but uplifting time. 

Altogether ‘Team Theatre’ raised over £700.00. I was very proud to take part in this amazing fundraiser for Cancer Research, and even prouder to have Benny’s name on my back. Leukaemia research has a special place in my heart because my dad had it.”


Park Hill School

Event: Race for Life in Richmond Park on Thursday 21st May 2015 (the day Benny left The Marsden)

Charity: £2,400 raised for Cancer Research UK

Holly from Park Hill School said:

“The Park Hill community has been affected by cancer many times over and when Benny was diagnosed with Leukaemia, we decided we would do something to support the incredible charities that help everyone who is affected. 

We organised a Race for Life, held in Richmond Park and invited our entire community to run and walk with us and cheer us on. Our families were incredible! The children, in excellent spirits, outran most of the adults, running the entire course without stopping! From babies in buggies, to a great aunt who got out of her wheelchair so she could push it over the finish line. 

We are so proud of everybody for coming together, helping organise the event, raising money and helping the children to understand the importance of coming together as a community to support those who need us. 

We raised over £2,400 for Cancer Research UK, the most Park Hill has ever raised in one go. We are incredibly proud of our school and community and look forward to beating our target with another Race for Life next year.” 

You can view our Race for Life video here



Park Hill School

Event: Various

Charity: £800 raised for Momentum this academic year

Benny continually benefits from Momentum’s incredible work. Amongst other things, they organised his music therapy sessions; and at Kingston hospital, stock the ice-cream freezer, fund the play room, and decorate the children’s bedrooms. It all makes our stay more bearable.

Holly from Park Hill School said:

“We chose Momentum as our school charity a number of years ago and raise funds for them throughout the year. Supporting Momentum has become an integral part of Park Hill life, with collections at the end of each term and fundraising events spread throughout the year. 

[John Gibson was the previous head teacher and a big supporter of Momentum] When John passed away, it made sense to have a collection for Momentum in his memory. It is a testament to John’s character that we raised £463. Coupled with our efforts from other fundraising events, we are very proud to have donated over £800 to Momentum this academic year. 

Momentum play a huge part in the Kingston community and are an incredibly worthy recipient of any fundraising project.”