“A pedometer……counts each step a person makes”

The ‘Benometer’ follows each step Benny makes throughout his treatment.

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Featured post

One Year to Go


It’s the journey that teaches you about the destination

It’s been almost a year since I last posted on this blog. And for good reason. Benny’s treatment has been moving along as expected without any nasty surprises. Continue reading “One Year to Go”

An inconvenient illness

No news is good news


Another Phase in Benny’s treatment has passed, and we’re another three months closer to the finish line.

The big news is that there is no news.

And we all know what no news is.

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Run for your life

“This will hurt I’m afraid, but if you keep still, we’ll only have to do it once”

It’s entertaining watching our children play doctors and nurses. No boring old broken arms to bandage up in the the York household. No siree. Continue reading “Run for your life”

A very normal life

“I’m the king of the castle”

So, here I am, as promised, at the end of the first cycle of the Maintenence Phase, Aussie style.  Continue reading “A very normal life”

Bye bye Benny blog

“And once the storm is over…..”

Life has returned to normal. At least as normal as it will be for the next three years until October 2018 when this leukemia saga will (hopefully) be finally over. Then we will really, truly return to life as normal. Whatever normal is.

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A grand day out

“Dear Bern, this is for you”

Since we haven’t been able to speak all week, and I know you’re an avid reader of the Benny blog, this post is for you, dear Bern. Continue reading “A grand day out”

Smiling Again

“Your beautiful smile brightens our day”

Words on Fred’s certificate

What a difference a week makes. After all the angst of last week, things have been sorted out, have calmed down, and are back to normal again.

Thank goodness for friends helping you out of the doldrums.  Continue reading “Smiling Again”

In a flash, he was gone

“He came. He set up the TV. And he was gone again”

Just a week and day after arriving and Bern has left us again. Continue reading “In a flash, he was gone”

Sealed with a kiss

“I love you Benny”

What can I say? I’ve got my boys back. I can hardly believe we’re finally together after five long weeks. Continue reading “Sealed with a kiss”

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